Bec’s at the Lake Fried Catfish Recipe

Bec’s At the Lake Classic New Orleans Style Fried Fish Poboy

It starts off with a loaf of Iconic New Orleans Lietheimer French Bread.



1 lb Local Catfish

1 gallon of Clear Frying Oil

Season All


Romaine Lettuce

Dill Pickle

Bec’s Hot Sauce

2lbs all purpose Flour

2 lbs Corn Flower


Slice Tomato (Hardy Slices)

Wash and finely slice your Romaine Lettuce

Slice Pickle

Slice your Fish into thin slices and season with Season All

Blend together Season All, All Purpose Flour and corn Flour

In big mixing bowl

Heat oil to 350 degrees

Place your Fish in the Flour breading mixture, mix and coat vigorously and shake off excess flour.

Carefully place in oil for approximately 3 minutes or until crust is golden and crispy.

Remove from oil and place on paper towel

Now the Assembly:

Slice long ways and Toast your loaf of Leinheimer French Bread, first thing stacked on is your Fish, then sprinkle Hot Sauce to taste, next the Romaine Lettuce, next tomatoes and lastly pickles. Cover with top side of loaf, slice in half and enjoy.